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                                         Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for TOP BIOGRAPHY

Our Website Link:  https://www.topbiography.in/

Google AdSense
Do not click on any type of Google ad which does not your interest shown on one, if you do this, then I can block you all from our website.
That is, no user will click on any not interest advertisement shown on our website, we can block you from our website by doing so.
Children’s Policy
This website is not provide any wrong and incorrectly information. So if you have 13 year old. So you can use this site. But if you have not 13 year old so please do not use this site. Because this site provide Biography, and celebrity details. Its not important for children.

What kind of personal information do you collect from users?

 We do Not Collect any personal Information from our user .

Are you use any tracking and/or analytics tools, such as Google Analytics?

We Use Google Analytics tools.

Do you show ads?

Yes . We Show Google Ads

Can users pay for products or services?

No. User Can's Pay for Any product or services

Do you use remarketing services for marketing & advertising purposes?


Do you want your Privacy Policy to include CCPA wording?

No . Our Website is not Include CCPA Wording

Do you want your Privacy Policy to include GDPR wording?

No . Our Website is not Include GDPR Wording

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